Starving Students Movers Rates And Prices

About Starving Students

Founded in the year 1973, Starving Students aims to deliver a wide range of relocation services. In addition, the company offers liability insurance, full workers’ compensation, and valuation protection. These days, it is one of the most popular long distance moving companies available on the market.

Starving Students movers rates

SS rates

The prices are relatively low, as the company has enough work volumes to set more attractive prices for potential customers. Consequently, more jobs are completed per day, more income is made. Of course, possible damages cannot be excluded, but a qualified staff of reduces the losses to the minimum. Thus, the rates are more than affordable for everyone.

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How much are Starving Students prices

Starving Students rates depend on the hours, and the long-distance moves are charged by weight and distance. This rates practice is followed by most relocation companies.

The details of how much is the prices will be discussed in advance, so the client will not be surprised by an unexpectedly high bill.

How much are SS prices?

Starving Students long distance

They do short-distance moves in Arizona, California, Washington, Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington, as well as long-distance moves on the territory of the United States. More detailed information on long distance should be checked over the phone or take your time to send an email with your inquiry.

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